Friday, March 21, 2014

Xeric annuals listing

1) Melampodium paludosum 

Very xeric annual widely grown by greenhouses. Spreads up to 20" in a year and needs only weekly watering to be lush

2) Sanvitalia procumbens

Another very tough conventional annual: similar culture to the last

3) Antirhinum majus

Few people realize that snapdragons grown in xeriscapes can perennialize--allowed to self show these make a fantastic groundcover in a few years that is reliably perennial and everblooming. I have seen these several places in Denver growing in xeriscapes by the hundred and looking awesome.

4) Tagetes erecta 

On Evans there is an unwatered parking lot that is solid Marigolds: they thrive with no water if grown from seed.

5) Verbena tenuisecta

Extremely drought tolerant once the roots go down--this also looks awesome in a container trailing down.

6) Verbena tenera 

Similar to the last, but coarser foliage and usually pinker flowers. Makes a great combo with the last one.

7) Lantana camara

The common Lantana is an incredibly xeric annual if planted in deep pots where its taproot can go down.

8) Gaillardia aristata 'Burgundy'

Not really an annual at all: this has proven long lived, perennial and self sows on my girlfriend's hell strip.

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