Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yates street Plant Select outpost...

Salvia cyanescens (bottom) and Tanacetum praeteritium (in bud--center)

Main Salvia cyanescens bed

Scarket Dianthus cruentus and Aethionema grandiflorum

Main Salvia cyanescens bed with Aeth. grandiflorum

Salvia 'May Night' with Salvia cyanescens foliage and Achillea filipendula in bud

View towards the West

Another overview Westward

Glaucium and penstemons

Many penstemons and irises from a distance

Penstemon stricuts and old fashioned diploid iris

More irises

and MORE irises

Another view with penstemon hybs. and irises

More irises

View looking East

Sedum hybridum and Sedum x hylotelephium

One of many very dark hybrid sedums in this garden. Note the Johnny Jump Ups!

Another sedum

A hybrid penstemon that showed up

Tanacetum praeteritium in bloom

Closeup of same...